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          EVA granulator

          EVA granulator, the EVA plastic granulator, EVA foam material granulator, the EVA recycled material granulator, EVA recycled materials granulator

          EVA granulator Product Introduction:
          EVA foam plastic granulator unit package of pipeline, EVA granulator: (1) the production line set mixing, conveying, feeding, extrusion granulating send fervent wind cooling automate a continuous period given the high production efficiency, plastic and mixing effect. Compact structure, the area of small space, a flat-screen installation.
          ② production process the segmented closed loop temperature control, mixing, feeding, extruder, etc. have their own heating and cooling system, according to process requirements to control their own temperature.
          (3) feeding mechanism using dual-pull propeller, the ability of food materials. Especially suitable for extrusion granulating mixer mixing slug material.
          The screw ④ barrel to adopt 38CrMOALA quality alloy steel after nitrogen treatment, high hardness, resistant to wear and corrosion.
          ⑤ nose manual screen changer or quickly stop automatic screen changer institutions, improve production efficiency.
          ⑥ electric control system adopts advanced PLC control technology, with inverter, so feeding, extrusion, pelletizing and many other high-precision machine according to process requirements, a wide range of stepless speed. And the whole machine process chain, sound and light failure alarm function control, comprehensive and reliable.