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          foam granulation machine

          foam granulation machine, foam particles machine, foam the recycled pellet machine products Introduction:

          I developed a new type of highly efficient wet waste plastic recycling pelletizing unit, not only will play a role in the protection of ecological environment and governance "white disaster", while you create considerable economic benefits.

          foam granulation machine process: by extrusion, cooling, pelletizing produce plastic granules equipment.

          foam granulation machine characteristics: the equipment and crushing pelletizer supporting. The process is simple, state-of-the-art technology, and suitable for different waste plastics. Automatic temperature control, electric heating, little electricity, no pollution, high degree of automation. A full set of equipment by the host, broken washing sets machine, pelletizer, cleaning tank (homemade), cooling tank (homemade) complete the set of units, automatic continuous production, due to the the device special exhaust drainage device, therefore waste longer drying after washing, can directly granulation, and the pellet is clean, non-polluting and aging, greatly reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. The machine features small size, high efficiency, good performance, low power consumption, high-quality products, wide adaptability, and can be adapted to meet a variety of processing requirements.