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          Small pilot-type mixer, laboratory mixer

          Small pilot-type mixer, laboratory mixer suitable for EVA, PA, PP, PE, PVC, modified materials, rubber, synthetic rubber, hot melt adhesive and other kinds of chemical raw materials mixing, kneading, dispersing. Widely applicable to the imperial institutions of higher learning, the Institute of Polymer Science, scale rubber enterprise. Research and development of new products to use.

          1, the use of pressurized mixing tank, to ensure uniform mixed special quality, optimum mixing effect.
          2, automatic control of the temperature of the cooling water and steam, according to settings rapid conversion of working temperature. Ensure quality and efficiency, and to adapt to various temperatures up to the high efficiency.
          3, according to the needs of the work piece, divided into manual and automatic control, easy to operate.
          4, the stirring speed of the machine than the average about 1/3 (about 6-7 minutes), 2 - 3 times faster than traditional roller machine.
          5, 6 high efficiency motor, good transmission force, energy saving, long life.
          6, the machine mixing tank using advanced alloy steel surface are wear-resistant steel processing, surface hard chrome plating and excellent wear resistance.

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