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          Vertical mixing machine, large mixer, stainless steel mixing machine
          Vertical mixing machine, large mixer, stainless steel mixing machine

          Large vertical particle mixing machine, large vertical crushing material mixing machine, large vertical stainless steel blender, large vertical mixer, mixer, mixing machine of large large, large mixing machine, large mixing machine, large color mixing machine. In fact, the industry is different names anyway, is actually a plastic mixer.

          Plastic mixer machine features:

          Vertical design, easy operation, convenient capacity dimension; optional:1-12 tons of models for customer choice standing;

          Easy cleaning, stainless steel manufacturing, easy cleaning, rust, mixing, stirring speed, to ensure that each batch of material consistency;

          Save cost, has small investment and quick results, covering less artificial Province, benefit is advanced advantage; can be customized according to customer workshop; height requirements;

          Materials optional; also can be made of carbon steel material, reduce the cost of production. Vertical mixer work is the use of the fast screw rotation to gather the material from the bottom of the barrel body by a center to the top, and then to gather scatter, back to the bottom, so that the raw material in the barrel roll up and down the mixing, a short period of time can be a lot of raw materials evenly mixed.

          Large stainless steel vertical mixer ( plastic mixer ) product characteristic:

          1the machine series covers an area of small, low energy consumption, convenient operation, time saving and labor saving, rapid and uniform mixing effect, adopts a spiral mixing feeding, convenient material feeding, workers stand directly on the ground feeding ( can also use the fan from the cutter in the plastic particles directly into the barrel ),

          2mixing principle is through the cast material screw into the barrel body, and then to the umbrella fall and continuous circular stirring, so as to achieve the purpose of evenly mixing, this machine has the automatic mixing time, overload protection. Machine classification for heating drying and heating, the barrel body material is stainless steel and iron plate type, from 0.5-15tons capacity of models for customer choice, customers can also according to their own needs to choose or no heating machine.

          3customers: granulation, Color Masterbatch color blending, modification, chemical powder mixing processing industries. For disposable stirring the tonnage of material, particularly plastic raw materials and renewable materials production a good helper, can be in the granulation of raw materials ( water before, color masterbatch, chemical powder) formula mixed use, can also be made of particles with a number of orders for different periods, different cycle caused a difference the raw materials can be concentrated disposable mixing, so that the entire batch of materials from nature to color can achieve consistent, thereby improving the production efficiency and product quality.

          4equipment and raw materials of the contact part of the materials are made of stainless steel, easy cleaning, avoid corrosion; and the electric safety protection devices, to ensure safe operation.