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          LED rainbow tube extruder
          LED rainbow tube extruder, LED lights with extruder,LED lights with extruder
          LED rainbow tube extruder,
          5050 high-voltage paste extrusion machine,
          5050 high-pressure patch extruder
          3528 low-pressure patch extruder,
          3528 the low voltage paste extrusion machine
          High low pressure patch extruder,
          The main technical parameters: LED rainbow tube (with lights) extrusion equipment suitable for the production of soft PVC molding materials processing various sizes of round wire and flat line the inner and outer tubes of the rainbow, the whole has a stable and reliable operation, low noise, smooth start, the line speed arbitrarily selected characteristics. This machine contains rainbow tube extruder, the 5 coil line planes, straightening machine, five meters from the circulating water, rainbow tube measurement traction mechanical, electrical cabinets and controllers composed of high production automation. (With drilling machine and other equipment)